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    1. Waste Incinerator In general, wastes that incinerator handles can be divided into four types, medical waste, animal carcass, household garbage and industrial refuse. According to the combustion mode, there are mainly four types, oil, gas, coal and self-combustion.
    1. Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant This wastewater treatment equipment realizes excellent organics removal and stable flow rate. After using this treatment plant, the COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) reduced to 60mg/l and the water can be discharged into rivers or water plants.
    1. Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) The membrane bioreactor is a perfect combination of a membrane filtration process with the biotechnology. The MBR system works effectively in blocking activated sludge and macromolecular organics that used to be done by a secondary sedimentation tank.
    1. Air Flotation Machine A small floor space and short time is required for the installation of cavitation air flotation system. It can be installed on the ground, underground or at a high place.
    1. Lamella Clarifier A lamella clarifier is a high-efficient water treatment solution designed for removing particulates from liquids. Equipped with many inclined plates or tubes, the settling tank provides a large effective settling area for sliding down sludge, sands and other matters. Under gravity, particulates and sands are then collected in the hopper and released.
    1. Filtration Equipment In a mechanical filter, inert media like silica sand, activated carbon are used- this means will do nothing to interfere with your water chemistry.
    1. Sludge Scraper The central drive scraper bridge is extremely suitable for use in small- and medium-scale sedimentation basins that take in water centrally and discharge water at periphery.
    1. Chemical Dosing System, Automatic Type The chemical dosing system is an integrated machine mainly composed of chemical tank, mixer, metering pump, Y-shape strainer, safety valve, back-pressure valve, check valve, pulsation damper, liquid level indicator, pressure gauge, control cabinet and working platform.
    1. Plate and Frame Filter Press The plate and frame filter press is mainly composed of filter plates, filter cakes, filter cloths, rails, liquid tank, pressing device, etc.
      Chemical Engineering: Dyes, pigments, phosphors, reducing agents, water purification agents, etc.
    1. Belt Filter Press The job of belt filter press can be divided into four stages, preprocessing, gravity dewatering, wedge-shaped zone dewatering and press dewatering.
      This program is mixing the sludge with flocculating agents.
    1. Vacuum Belt Filter Impelled by a vacuum pump, the vacuum belt filter achieves remarkable effect in liquid and solid separation. The horizontal filtration equipment is able to continuously complete filtration, washing, dewatering, discharging and filter cloth cleaning.
    1. Pulpers As being an important machine in papermaking, the hydrapulper is mainly used for breaking pulp boards, waste books, papers and more.
    1. Impurity Separator The detrasher is most often equipped with a sludge tank and it shows excellent performance in removing the majority of light-weight impurities and a small quantity of heavy substances.
    1. High Density Cleaner In a pulping system, the high-density cleaner is usually used after the pulper. The HD cleaner adopts centrifugal separation and quickly removes metals, sands and other heavy impurities in paper pulp.
    1. Screening Equipment Main features of the screening equipment are excellent screening capacity, low energy consumption, compact structure and convenient maintenance.
    1. Fiber Separator, Single Effect Type The single-effect fiber separator is composed of drum, cover, screen plate, rotor, transmission device, motor, sand removal device, foundation, etc.
      Triple functions are designed in the papermaking machinery, i.e. secondary breaking, light and heavy impurity separation and defibering.
    1. Disc Heat Disperser The disc heat disperser is a key machine for handling the impurities in waste paper, such as hot melt material, adhesive material, asphalt, ink and paraffin, etc. By using the disc heat disperser, the deinking effect, paper quality and fiber property are greatly improved.
    1. Screw Press The screw press is a kind of pulp processing equipment and dewaters the material under conditions of high consistency and high pressure. By changing the screw pitch and rotating speed, the dewatering machine squeezes liquid out from the paper pulp.
    1. Flotation Deinking System The ECO series flotation deinking machine has been widely applied in China. Today, it also finds a market share overseas, including the U.S.
    1. Pulp Washer, High Speed Type The high speed pulp washer is a new type of pulp washing device and replaces disc thickener and rotary screw thickener, greatly simplifying the manufacture process and reducing cost. Designed with a totally-closed structure and stainless steel enclosure, the pulp thickener is easy to operate and pretty durable.
    1. Disc Filter The disc filter can replace traditional drum thickener and is mainly used in the recovery system of wastewater and thickening system of low-consistency pulp. It’s mainly composed of slot, fan-shape plates, disc shaft, water injection device, screen washing device, drive unit, machine enclosure, pulp discharging device and more.
    1. Double Disc Refiner Double disc refiner, is a machine that handles pulps and increases fiber strength development under the influence of centrifugal force and pulp pressure. This type of refining machine is appropriate for use in chemical wood pulp, mechanical pulp and wastepaper pulp, which has a consistency of 2-5%.
    1. Pulp Moulding Machine The pulp moulding machine handles waste paper and other fibrous materials into certain-size egg trays. The main processing programs include pulp breaking, forming, drying and adjustment. There are two types of moulding machines available on the market, reciprocating type and rotary drum type, with a production capacity of 1000-5000 pcs/hr.
    1. Low Density Cleaner When the paper pulp is injected into the cleaner, under strong centrifugal force, small-size and low-density granules, fibers and water will be discharged from the upper pipe. As for big-size and high-density impurities will be expelled from the lower pipe.
    1. Cylinder Former During manufacture, paper pulp with a consistency of 0.3-1.0% will be sprayed onto the cylinder. Then, under the action of press and gravity, the pulp will be dewatered and filtered.
    1. Headbox The headbox is one of the most significant equipment in paper making process. It steadily and uniformly distributes pulp onto the channel. The channel keeps the stock evenly dispersed, which finally results in a high degree of fiber dispersion and excellent sheet formation.
    1. Dewatering Element The dewatering element is a main dewatering machine and works with paper forming machine in paper manufacture process. According to the vacuum degree of dewatering element, it can be classified into dewatering plate, suction box, low-vacuum dewatering element and high-vacuum dewatering element.
    1. Dandy Roll The dandy roll is a light-weight and open-structured equipment and mostly used in paper making process. Its major function is to flatten the top surface of the sheet, improving the finish and formation. Plus, it also can leave a mark or crosshatch pattern on the paper.
    1. Suction Roll As being an important dewatering machine for paper manufacture, the suction roll is designed for safe and gentle handling of a wide range of different paper grades and sizes. Equipped with a vacuum pump and fan blower, the suction roller works quickly and stably.
    1. Paper Machine Rolls Our engineers have a wealth of experience and design a full variety of rolls for paper machines, from convenient-maintenance suction rolls to highly-loaded press rolls.
    1. Dryer Cylinder The manufacture process of dryer section mainly includes two types, casting and welding. For the previous one, raw materials are HT200, HT250 and HT300 cast steel and the drying machine is designed with a diameter less than 3660mm.
    1. Size Press The size press is utilized for applying starches, pigments or other agents to the paper surface during manufacture, in order to enhance the physical properties of paper sheet, like whiteness, strength, softness, etc.
    1. Calender Machine Intended for improving the paper glossiness, the calender machine enhances the paper glossiness from 65-85% to 90-95%, leading to great smoothness and excellent print results.
    1. Reel Section The reel section is able to wind the paper sheet continuously and evenly under the action of roll and cylinder. It satisfies the production standard and quality requirements of different types of paper.
    1. Rewinder The rewinder is used to re-reeling and cut the paper roll into certain width and diameter. After that, the cut paper roll can be sold directly or be sent to the next program. Three main functions of the rewinder are trimming, cutting and lessening the paper roll diameter. With delicate process by the rewinding machine, paper rolls are convenient to transport and use.
    1. Slitter The slitter is a kind of slitting equipment used in paper industry to convert a wide paper roll into several thinner rolls. It mainly consists of machine support, paper feeding system, pressing device, cutting device, transmission system, paper discharging device, etc.
    1. Pumps In paper making process, pump is an important auxiliary machine for transferring pulp, water, sewage, chemical agents and vacuuming. A pump consists of these parts: pump body, blades, transmission main shaft, sealing device, motor, foundation and more. Three raw materials are often chosen: cast steel, cast iron and stainless steel.
    1. Paper Machine Auxiliaries and Parts In addition to major working machines, the auxiliary equipment also plays a vital role in paper manufacture process. Auxiliary equipment provided by Innovation Huayi include pulp impeller, spray pipe, felt guide, felt stretcher, reduction drive and motor.
    1. Tissue Paper Machine The tissue paper machine is a widely used paper making equipment of various daily-use papers, like toilet paper, napkin, paper towel, etc. Main manufacture programs of the tissue paper machine include forming, pressing, drying, embossing and winding.
    1. Paper Converting Machine An entire paper converting line includes but not limited to these machines, A4 paper slitting and packaging equipment, automatic slitter rewinder (applicable for corrugated paper, toilet paper and nonwoven fabric), paper tube machine and tissue paper folding machine.

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